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Algebra: the Hurdle

High school algebra is a huge hurdle for so many teens. In recent years we have seen a significant weakness that seems to hold many STRIDES’ algebra students back: Fractions. Go back in time and think about when your high schooler was in 4th grade, tackling fractions for the first time. Far too often, the […]

Strategies to Overcome Test Anxiety

Your child knows the material at home, but fails the test over and over. What to do about test anxiety? Not all anxiety is harmful. Researchers divide anxiety into good anxiety (drive to succeed) and bad anxiety (paralyzing panic). Here are some tips to help your child:Think of anxiety as a bad habit, and find […]

“Time’s Up!” Nooooooooooo!

Four years ago we worked with Marc, a 3rd grader, and he rose to 2nd grade level. Sadly, mom took him out early. This summer, his dad brought him back. We tested him at 2nd grade — exactly where he’d been four years ago!  A cheerful and hard worker, Marc put his best efforts into […]