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Test Anxiety

Do you recognize the following scenario? You and your child study test material thoroughly at home. Your child knows the material well, but fails the test over and over at school. If this scenario sounds familiar to you, your child may suffer from test anxiety. Don’t worry; not all anxiety is harmful. Researchers divide anxiety […]

Bottleneck Learning

My friend Janet home schooled her daughter who had Down syndrome. Janet recently shared with me a valuable learning picture that’s useful for all parents of students with memory limitations. Picture a bottleneck Janet visualizes her daughter’s memory as a bottle with a narrow neck. The bottom of the bottle, with plenty of storage, is […]

Reading: When to Start?

What is the normal age for reading to begin? Just as in other areas of development, this isn’t a “One Size Fits All” attribute. In some areas of Europe, schools don’t begin to teach reading until age 8, but U.S. schools usually expect reading to start in kindergarten, and certainly by first grade. A few […]