Potentials™ trains the brain to:

  • Keep the letters in line
  • Follow letters with a natural flow
  • See words just like you say and hear them
  • Recognize syllables as easily as letters

Potentials™ develops perception through:

  • Integrating left and right brain
  • Slowly timing the eye, mouth and ear to coincide
  • Speeding sequence recognition
  • Moving consciously learned skills to automatic perception
  • Teaching only what will be immediately used

Potentials™ circumvents learning blocks by:

  • Using a completely fresh approach
  • Never overloading the brain’s processor
  • Having many different approaches to each skill
  • Breaking language into simple word families
  • Learning when to say what, without a rule

Potentials™ builds motivation by:

  • Providing an environment where success happens quickly
  • Giving the right amount of challenge
  • Providing the right amount of support
  • Gradually increasing the level of self-reliance
  • Bringing previously unachievable goals within reach

Potentials™ fights attention deficit syndrome by:

  • Integrating many brain receptors at once
  • Leaving no room for distraction to enter
  • Monitoring frustrations levels
  • Changing activities frequently

Potentials™ builds comprehension by:

  • Leaving the brain free to concentrate on ideas
  • Expanding vocabulary
  • Developing the students own ideas
  • Building the confidence that “I can think.”
  • Filling essential knowledge blanks
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