Frustration! We all get it, and our kids are just like us. Here at STRIDES Systematic Tutoring parents (and kids) tell us that frustration with homework is one of their major headaches. Here are some ideas:

Start with a snack after school. Your child’s brain uses a lot of calories in a school day, and sometimes the lunch and snack times are inconvenient for keeping that brain supplied with the glucose it needs. Many kids eat at 11am, leaving a five hour “calorie-gap” until they hit your front door at 4pm.  As soon as you touch base with your child, have a nutritious snack on hand.

Visit your school’s Online Portal. Your child’s assignments are listed to help plan study time. Be available for help, as needed. If your child “just can’t get it,” try segmenting the task into manageable parts, then work through them step by step. Learning to break down a task will give your child an invaluable tool for success in the classroom, and ultimately, in the broader world.

Reward with short breaks. Are Legos a favorite pastime? Make a deal: when half of the math assignment is completed, the mini-engineer gets 15 minutes of Lego time. This constructive activity will relieve stress, and the rest of the homework will almost finish itself.

One more task: YOU keep YOUR cool. Homework often frustrates parents, too, but you can be a good example of how to control emotions when faced with a difficult task. Soon the homework will be done and it will be time for some FUN!!!

Gail Everett, Ph.D.

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