Marc - Student Success Story

“Time’s Up!” Nooooooooooo!

Four years ago we worked with Marc, a 3rd grader, and he rose to 2nd grade level. Sadly, mom took him out early. This summer, his dad brought him back.

We tested him at 2nd grade — exactly where he’d been four years ago!  A cheerful and hard worker, Marc put his best efforts into every tutoring session this summer. When he heard “Time’s up, see you next lesson,” he would beg for another 10 minutes–he knew this was really working for him.

After a summer’s hard work, he tested at the end of 4th going into 7th grade. He has continued to attend, even cheerfully coming in on Saturday to make it to every lesson. Marc got his glasses on Friday, and he immediately moved up to the 5th grade level.